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An introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system of India. Charak-Samhita is considered the oldest text of Ayurveda which is mentioned in the Mahabharata Adiparva thereby making it at least 5300 years old.

The earliest classical Sanskrit works on Ayurveda describe medicine as being divided into eight parts. These parts are:

  1. Kāyachikitsā: general medicine, medicine of the body
  2. Kaumāra-bhṛtya (Pediatrics): Discussions about prenatal and postnatal care of baby and mother; methods of conception; choosing the child’s sex, intelligence, and constitution; childhood diseases; and midwifery.
  3. Śalyatantra: surgical techniques and the extraction of foreign objects
  4. Śhālākyatantra: Treatment of ailments affecting openings or cavities in the upper body: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
  5. Bhūtavidyā: Psychiatry.
  6. Agadatantra/Vishagara-vairodh Tantra (Toxicology): includes epidemics; toxins in animals, vegetables, and minerals; and keys for recognizing those anomalies and their antidotes
  7. Rasāyantantra: rejuvenation and tonics for increasing lifespan, intellect, and strength
  8. Vājīkaraṇatantra: aphrodisiacs; treatments for increasing the volume and viability of semen and sexual pleasure; infertility problems; and spiritual development (transmutation of sexual energy into spiritual energy)

Ayurveda stands for a traditional system of natural healthcare and is over 5000 years old, one of the oldest in the world! It is based on the belief that bodily health and the wellness of mind and spirit are the product of a delicate internal balance. It was created in India during the Vedic Period and is well regarded across the Indian subcontinent. The main objective of Ayurvedic therapy is to promote complete wellness, however, it is also geared toward treating illness. One may wonder about what can Ayurveda treat but it is reassuring to know that the list of conditions we have expertise in is vast. Based on the idea that bodily symptoms directly result from imbalances in the patient’s diet, lifestyle, and psyche, one may be able to identify deficiencies based on their individual symptoms.

The Ayurvedic approach to the treatment of various diseases

Our bodies are made of certain basic mind-body elements or life forces, called Doshas. Symptoms of illness are simply the reflection of the imbalance in one’s Doshas. To balance these, therapists prescribe medicines which help remove impurities, treat symptoms and boost immunity. These include herbs, spices, oils and other natural ingredients. Practitioners study your body and help identify your constitution, and then create a recovery plan specifically designed for you.

What diseases can be cured by Ayurveda therapy?

Ayurvedic doctors treat a large number of disorders including everything from colds to digestive disorders, joint pains, psychological issues and even cancer.

For example, joint pain is caused by imbalances in one’s Vata, since the Vata dosha also known as the Air Element in our body is responsible for bones and joints. Suggested remedies can include physical exercises like yoga, pranayama or yogic breathing exercises and a balanced diet. The urinary system is governed by a delicate balance of all 3 doshas. Remedies for urinary disorders include purification, detoxification, drinking lots of water and meditation.

We at Alveda, are well qualified and have an extremely wide range of specializations. We work on always providing patients with the highest quality medical attention which not only treats their symptoms but also enables holistic health in the patient’s life.

What results can be achieved using Ayurveda therapy?

People may consider hope lost when western healthcare is unable to help them cure a condition and wonder what can Ayurveda help with, but it often possesses the answer. In our consultations, we have seen our remedies help patients witness a remarkable improvement in their condition long after they had lost hope. We deliver personalized health plans for over 400 conditions and work on eliminating them quickly and providing our patients with the relief they need.

Benefits of Ayurveda therapy on the Alveda platform

Alveda is a community of over 900 doctors that gives you access to authentic Ayurveda remotely. Use Alveda to take advantage of the numerous benefits we guarantee. Avail of security and absolute confidentiality. Enjoy affordable and flexible pricing. We ensure great connectivity so you can take advantage of the entirety of your consultation without interruptions.

If you have a condition, you need help with, want to learn about your body or just wish to learn about the right choices to make to lead a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t hesitate in booking a consultation with Alveda.

Conclusion: Order an online consultation with an Ayurveda doctor

First, you need to choose an Ayurvedic doctor based on your condition and their speciality. Then, choose a date and time and book a consultation. Next, you need to complete your Alveda profile. Lastly, you must log in right before the scheduled appointment to begin your consultation! These can cover everything from treatment to information for patients on leading a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle!

We hope our care brings you relief and fulfillment and that we can help you achieve your best self in mind, body, and spirit.

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