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Does Ayurveda actually work?

People who have never used Ayurveda asks a lot that does Ayurveda work. We may be completely into Ayurveda. But for someone who has never used it has a natural curiosity towards something he/she hasn’t used. So in this post, we will discuss some of the important points that will show you that not only Ayurveda works. But it works spectacularly.

Has it been approved for sale by the FDA

The FDA does not approve treatments, it approves applications. It is not possible to apply to have Ayurveda approved by the FDA, and there is no incentive for any Ayurveda practitioner or organization to apply to have any treatment approved.

Sometimes, someone does a so-called scientific clinical study of a specific Ayurvedic technique, but the goal is not “approval” — it is more likely to be “unapproved”. We find what we look for.

Conducting Clinical Trials

If we want to measure how well Ayurveda works, as a medical system, we need a simple test. Follow the following steps:

  • We need to take a random set of patients with non-urgent medical conditions.
  • Measure their healthiness and their disease conditions
  • Split them randomly into two groups
  • Send half to a randomly chosen conventional medical practitioner and half to a randomly chosen Ayurvedic practitioner
  • Then, after a few months, do a secondary survey of their health and their disease conditions.

There hasn’t been much done on this front neither by the industry nor by any academic institution.Also there will be no conventional medical organization that wants to undertake such a project. At the very least, we would learn a lot — but there is also danger that it would illustrate many problems in conventional medicine, and probably also many in Ayurvedic practices as well.

If I were betting, I’d put my money on Ayurveda, that Ayurveda works better — in many cases — than our drugs-driven conventional medicine. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for conventional medicine to take up an open honest challenge.

If you try to find a clinical trial where any Ayurveda medicine showed meaningful clinical outcomes on predefined parameters with acceptable statistical significance, in a controlled clinical trial, and within acceptable levels of tolerance on side effects/ adverse events”. You will find none and we need to change that.

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