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Myth: Ayurveda is Expensive?

This is a common myth among the general populace that Ayurvedic treatments and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle are expensive. But if understood in context, Ayurvedic treatments as well as lifestyle are quite affordable. If we leave the opportunity cost, discomforts, etc, even then Ayurveda is quite affordable when it comes to pure dollar terms.

Why Ayurvedic products are expensive?

Ayurvedic products are plants derived, unlike Allopathic medicines which are manufactured in industry or lab. This is one of the main reasons for Ayurvedic medicines being expensive.

  • Cultivating or procuring quality herbs is quite expensive.
  • Maintaining high standards and quality is expensive in the case of natural products.
  • Maintaining shelf life without the use of chemicals (preservatives) is expensive. About a third of Ayurvedic products are rendered useless due to low shelf life.
  • A lot of manual labor is required from cultivating to selling.
  • Nearly all of the supply chain is needed to be in direct control of the manufacturer if it wants to maintain the high quality of its products and avoid batch quality differences.

Why Ayurvedic life is affordable?

Even though Ayurvedic products are expensive but the Ayurvedic life is pretty affordable. If one lives according to the Ayurvedic principles he won’t have to spend as much on health-related issues.

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